DispatchPal is a trucking management software (TMS) solution that helps trucking companies with their business management, dispatching, connection with clients, scheduling, billing, etc. This highly efficient software solution is more than a simple online application. It provides an ERP solution with integrated modules for load management, invoicing, assets tracking, messaging, payroll, reporting, etc. You can also use each of these modules independently.

DispatchPal guarantees a valuable solution to the problems that seem fixed by other software:

  • Spare time in managing the shipping documentation. Our clients can focus on the other items on their agenda (such as strategic planning or urgent enquiries).
  • Cost savings due to optimized route planning, lower mileage, minimized damage on vehicles.
  • Driver productivity increases.
  • Optimization of data and information due to real-time tracking.
  • No concerns about invoicing and payroll.
  • Improved customer service because of well-executed shipments.

DispatchPal application is the best single platform for managing the trucking business. It is hosted in cloud and accessible from any location and device type. You get automatic updates and upgrades, backup and availability. No expensive in-house hardware and maintenance, no headache. Designed as a trucking software for carriers, as well as owner-operators, DispatchPal is an ideal solution for small trucking companies.

To get an idea, some samples are shown here.

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